premium white tea in pyramid bag, science search, love white teas hot brew cold brew
premium white tea pyramid bag, science search, love white teas hot brew cold brew
premium white tea pyramid bag, science search, love white teas hot brew cold brew

Moonlight White (Loose Leaf Tea)

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Presented in an elegant tea canister that makes for a great gift. Each tea canister contains a heat-sealed aluminium foil bag filled with Moonlight White tea.

This special grade tea containing leaf buds is harvested in from high elevation mountains in Jinggu, Yunnan province.

Moonlight White is a specialty white tea produced in Yunnan. It is processed in the traditional way of withering and drying indoors or under the sun, similar to white tea in Fujian. Unlike other types of white tea, the unique black and white appearance is a special characteristic of Moonlight White. The tea leaf turns black on the upper side after undergoing slight fermentation but appears white on the underside due to the downy hairs that cover the leaf’s surface. This resemblance to the moon, which also has one side shining in white moonlight and the other side hidden in darkness, gives the tea its name. 

Moonlight White tea has gained popularity in recent years and appeals to both tea aficionados and beginner tea drinkers. It is well-liked for its delightful floral honey aroma and refreshing light taste that does not turn bitter with prolonged steeping time. Young children especially love this tea. What a great way to get them off sweetened soft drinks!  

Moonlight White tea contains a high proportion of leaf buds. The leaf bud is covered in dense silvery white downy hairs, called trichomes, which serve to protect the young shoot from insects and to conserve heat and moisture essential in its early stage growth. In fact, trichomes are present in abundance on all tea leaf buds. However, they are usually shedded during tea processing, especially when tea leaves are vigorously rolled and turned over repeatedly, causing trichomes to break and fall off.  

In contrast, white tea processing involves only withering and drying, which is so gentle to the tea that trichomes are mostly preserved on the leaf buds. You will notice some trichome shedding, appearing as tiny hairs, inside the packaging bag or floating on the brewed tea. The tiny hairs are edible and rich in essential oils, imparting a smoother texture to the tea and contributing to the unique aroma of white tea known as “trichome fragrance”.  

Moonlight White tea is available in loose leaf form or compressed form as a tea ball for convenient brewing. The same premium loose leaf tea is being used which is packed in pyramid tea bags. Pyramid tea bags are also available in zipper pouch. 

Moonlight White is best enjoyed hot but also highly enjoyable as a cold brew. Simply put some tea leaves into a water bottle and fill it with room temperature water. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and you will be surprised by the refreshing taste of your Moonlight White cold brew (See White Tea Research Studies  to find out more about the benefits of cold brew white tea).