Our White Tea Story

In recent years, white tea is gaining attention around the world because of its unique offering of optimal health benefits, beauty benefits and exquisite flavour. Nevertheless, worldwide production and consumption of white tea is still a meagre proportion relative to black tea and green tea. This is why white teas are rare, good white teas are precious finds! White tea is packed with so much goodness, yet so few people are aware of or enjoying the benefits offered by this wonderful beverage. It is time for more people to drink white tea, we envisioned, and White Tea Time was born to make this happen. 

White Tea Time brings to you whole leaf white tea in loose form and this same leaf tea is also lovingly packed in pyramid tea bags, making it more convenient for everyone to enjoy white tea. The white tea leaves that go into our pyramid tea bags are the same as the loose leaf tea that we sell - the only difference is that they have been broken into slightly smaller pieces to fit into the pyramid tea bags. This is distinctive from most other tea bags you will find in the market, which use ‘dust and fannings’, either this or blended with other ingredients instead of actual tea leaves.

Each type of white tea – Moonlight White, Silver Tip White, Peony White, Aged White, Jirisan White, Rose White and Tangerine White, offers distinctively unique flavour profile and is appreciated for its exquisite taste. Uncover subtle hints of floral, honey, peach, plum, lotus leaf, jujube and herbaceous tones from our white teas. Such tasting notes underlie the characteristic light and refreshing flavour of white tea. Amazingly, white tea is devoid of the bitterness that tends to surface after prolonged steeping time. For this reason, white tea is very easy to brew, both hot and cold, and very pleasant on the palate.

Join us in our journey and stay healthy, beautiful and happy enjoying White Tea Time sharing white tea & time with friends, family and loved ones!