premium white tea pyramid bag white tea improves immunity against  coronavirus by research studies
premium white tea pyramid bag improves immunity against  coronavirus by research studies
Hadong wild tea Jiri mountains white tea Korea in late evening aum

Jirisan White

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Presented in an elegant tea canister that makes for a great gift. Each tea canister contains a heat-sealed aluminium foil bag filled with Jirisan White tea (백차).

As a tea producing country, Korea is well known for its green tea, yellow tea and black tea. White tea is produced in very limited quantity and it is not widely available in Korea.

This white tea is harvested in spring 2018 from wild growth tea plantation in Jirisan, Hadong region in Korea. The tea plantation has been allowed to grow freely without any pruning or application of fertiliser and insecticide.

Unlike the tea grading system adopted in China, Korean white tea is not graded. The harvested tea consists of mainly leaves with limited buds. It is withered and dried in an indoor environment instead of under the sun. Indulge yourself in this rare Korean white tea and it will surprise you with a ripen melon taste and mellow fruity scent.